Not everyone that invests in property wants the responsibility of managing the property. Keyrenter of McAllen specializes in providing property management services. We focus on helping our clients maintain a steady rental income without a headache and stress that comes with managing the property. So how does property management work?

Dealing with Tenants

One of the largest hassles can be dealing with the tenants. Getting people to pay rent on time, or having to evict someone can be extremely difficult. Property management services are designed to deal with unpredictable situations and handle emergencies any time of the day or night. Many landlords prefer property managers as they do handle so many of the day-to-day needs of owning a property. Property managers are the main point of contact for a renter, which is great for a landlord as they will not be bothered in the middle of the night if a pipe burst or something else occurs.

Finding Tenants

Not only will property managers handle all issues with current tenants, they are responsible for finding new tenants. Marketing and advertising for open properties are much easier with property managers as they normally have access to discounted printing rates, and can often get in with some of the top websites. Property managers have a proven system when it comes to finding and maintaining tenants.

Managing Finances

When a property manager is hired, they will take over all the financial necessities of the property. They will be responsible for rent collection, property fees, upgrade costs, and more. They essentially manage all the finances and charge landlords a fee for this monthly service. When you compare the costs and determine how much time it can take to deal with most of the issues, it is easy to see why people turn to property managers to help with their investment property.

Emergency Response

A great reason to hire a property manager is to deal with all of the issues you cannot handle. Property managers normally have plumbers on call to help with emergency needs. Instead of being a landlord woken up in the middle of the night, you can rest easy knowing the property management firm will take care of everything.


Property managers will be in contact with the tenants often. From weekly update emails to face-to-face communication, property managers will be the main point of contact for tenants. The goal of the property manager is to get the landlord out of the picture so they are no longer dealing with all the little issues and frustrations of managing a property. Property managers need to have excellent communication if they are going to succeed.

Evictions, Rent Collection, and more

The hard part of owning a property is dealing with bad tenants. Tenants that do not pay on time or tenants that continue to dodge phone calls and communication about past-due rent are those that can be the biggest hassle. Property management is designed to work with these individuals to help them pay, or evict them so the manager can attract new tenants that will pay. Property managers deal with everything, so you can rest easy knowing they will evict the people that do not belong and replace them with good tenants.

If you want to learn more about how does property management work, call Keyrenter of McAllen today!