One of the best times to clean your rental property is during the spring. This can be difficult when you have a tenant living on the property but, even if this is the case, there are several things you should check off your list to protect your investment and improve the satisfaction of your tenants. 

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning is often far easier to complete when there is a tenant living in the property, because you won’t have to enter the property. Engage in landscaping processes, such as trimming bushes and mowing the lawn. Remove leaves and debris that may have accumulated on the property throughout the winter. A power wash can help to remove layers of dirt and grime from the surface of the building. Additionally, you should ensure that twigs, leaves, and other debris are removed from the gutters of the property. This can go a long way toward preventing serious issues from arising later on. 

Interior Cleaning Considerations

When you have a tenant living on the rental property, they may be able to accomplish some of these interior cleaning tasks. It is important to replace the batteries in the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors of the property. This will help to protect your tenants and keep them safe. HVAC filters should also be replaced during the spring cleaning of your property. This will ensure that the system continues to function effectively and can improve the air quality of the property. Deep cleaning processes, like carpet cleaning and dusting can also be completed during this time frame. 

Spring cleaning can go a long way toward improving the appearance of your rental property, as well as keep it in good condition. To learn more about important tasks to complete during your spring cleaning, contact our experts at the Keyrenter in McAllen today!