Are you a new property owner looking to rent out your private unit? Maybe you’ve been a landlord over several multi-unit complexes for some time, and while this industry is nothing new to you, you’d like to optimize the way you manage your property. No matter where you fall on the property ownership spectrum, one thing is sure: managing your property effectively is a laborious and time-consuming task, and making the most out of your investment can require some help.

That’s where Keyrenter property management comes in. We understand the difficulties and nuances associated with property management, and we’re willing to take care of the hard work for you so that you can get back to your life and enjoy the wealth your rental property can bring to you. From finding the right tenants, to performing regular inspections and repairs, to handling the legal work involved with messy evictions, we can bring you peace of mind by dealing with the details so that you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most from your rental unit with as little effort as possible. Here are some services we provide:

  • Advertisement and Tenant Screening – At Keyrenter property management, we understand that one of the most valuable assets a landlord can have is a trustworthy, respectful tenant. Conversely, one of the biggest liabilities a landlord has to deal with is a disrespectful tenant that won’t pay on time. We also know that vacant property equates to lost profit, and that’s why we advertise our client’s rental properties across demographics that our research shows will likely yield the most reliable, respectful tenants. We also have a rigorous tenant screening process that evaluates applicants based on their credit score, employment history, background check, payment history, and more. That way, you’ll know that your rental properties will be filled with stable, reliable tenants who are likely to keep your investment in good condition and pay on time regularly.
  • Property Inspection and Maintenance – If you’re like many landlords, you may have an additional job throughout the workweek, and regular inspection of your property takes up too much time from your life. Our inspectors provide detailed documentation of the state of your property so that you can stay in compliance with your lease, and become aware of any existing or arising issues. This helps keep your tenants satisfied and paying on time by making sure that all their needs are met, and also helps you as the landlord to know if a tenant has been behaving irresponsibly and has broken the terms of their lease. We also offer maintenance and referrals from qualified professionals so that if any part of your property does become damaged, you can have it restored without delay, thus protecting the value of your investment.
  • Eviction Advocacy – Evicting an irresponsible tenant can be a time-consuming and unpleasant process, and much legal work is sometimes needed. We can advocate on your behalf to try to resolve any disputes with your tenants, and should the situation require it, we can handle the legal work required to remove problematic tenants from your property.

Whether you’re just starting out in the property ownership industry, or you’re a seasoned real estate investor, there’s no question that you could benefit from having a group of talented property managers working on your behalf to make sure all of your units are occupied with the right tenants, are regularly checking on the condition of your investment and fixing whatever needs to be repaired, and are getting you the right value for your property. We can do all of that and more at Keyrenter McAllen, so contact us today to see how we can take the stress out of managing your property!