A significant amount of money has been making its way into McCAllen, Texas this year. This cash is being used by the city to help improve the quality of life of the residents of the city. One of the most promising investments likely to make a huge impact is increasing the funding for the Summer Feeding Program across the city. Beneficiaries of this program will mostly be underprivileged children who can’t afford to eat healthily.

In this blog, we are going to go in-depth on why this program is being implemented and how it can help people in the area. So if you live in McAllen or plan on moving here shortly, make sure to keep this program in mind for your children. It could just help you and your children settle in, eat well, and get the leg-up you need to live a happy and comfortable life in this great and up-and-coming city.

McAllen’s Summer Feeding Program Major Beneficiary of Area Cash Flow

The Nature of the Program

McAllen’s school district and the city are teaming up to take some of the money coming in from investors and donations to increase the spread of the free Summer Feeding Program. This year, it will be located at 63 different sites. These sites are around the city and the surrounding areas. Each will open twice a day, during typical meal times, and will serve as many people as is possible until their food is gone.

The idea behind this program is to eliminate food insecurity in children across the area. This concern plagues a large number of otherwise happy and healthy children and must be assessed and managed productively. The unfortunate concern of food insecurity can impact a broad range of people, including many who work hard every day at challenging jobs.

These sites will provide healthy meals to children as old as 18, though it is focusing heavily on much younger children. Each meal is hot, carefully balanced for nutrition, and prepared by people working to make them as tasty as possible. While children won’t get typically get access to fun and exciting foods like pepperoni pizza, they can get the healthy and diverse meals they need to grow up strong.

Meal Times Will Vary

While each site will be only open twice a day, some will be open at different times than others. For example, one site may be open for just breakfast and lunch. Another may be open just to provide a healthy snack and a dinner. By traveling between locations, children can get a full day’s food at no cost. While it is unfortunate that not every site can provide a comprehensive range of meals, the cost would be too high otherwise.

To combat this situation, a variety of buses will be open between these sites. These routes are designed to be an inexpensive way to help families and children get the food they need to be healthy. While parents aren’t served at these sites, bringing their children here helps remove the burden of finding enough food for everybody. It also lets parents feed themselves in a more rounded and healthy manner.

When parents and children are eating healthy meals regularly, it helps improve a family’s quality of life. For example, the children will have healthier bones, more active minds, and will do better on their homework. Parents who are eating well will have the patience to manage their children, do well at work, and feel happier and more comfortable about life.

Meals on Wheels Programs

A Meals on Wheels sub-program will be implemented as part of the more comprehensive Summer Feeding Program across McAllen. With this program, food will be bused into various neighborhoods to provide children with delicious and nutritious foods. There will be 15 different bus routes operating as part of this program. In this way, people who can’t make it to the feeding sites can still receive good food.

The promise of this program has caused it to be highlighted by the School Nutrition Association. This group works to find healthy ways of feeding children and improving their diets. They were impressed with the Summer Feeding Program, including the Meals on Wheels program. As a result, they proclaimed that it, and McAllen, were innovators in fighting hunger in school children.

Other Ways Money is Being Poured Into the Area

The Summer Feeding Program in McAllen, Texas is just one example of the many great ways this city has been expanding over the recent years. For example, investors have repainted the hospital to make it more appealing and attractive for visitors. This investment is wise because it helps people feel more confident about the hospital and its care.

The expanding size of the city has also lead to a new overpass being installed right next to the mall. In this way, people can get to the area more easily. A good overpass like this helps redirect traffic and keep an area from getting too congested. As a result, the increasingly popular mall will continue to receive an increase in business.

Last, but not least, the mall itself actually got a facelift to make it more appealing to potential customers. For example, broken sidewalks, parking lots, and even the exterior of the building were updated and improved. Other improvements included the installation of a new parking structure to hold the increasing number of people coming to the area.

All of these major benefits indicate the promising future of this area looks to get even better. Hopefully, those who are interested in settling here will take the time to try it out and see what it has to offer them.


Programs and improvements like these are a major part of what makes settling in McAllen so great. People who are long-time residents of the area know that this city works hard to protect its citizens and is always ready to take that extra step towards ensuring a happy and healthy populace. Newcomers or those interested in moving to the area are always pleasantly surprised by this kindness and decency.

That’s a big part of why we love serving this area so much. We know that people who move here are joining a well-respected and caring community that will work hard to ensure their populace is safe and happy. So if you are interested in moving to the area and need a place to stay, contact us to learn more about real estate opportunities that could benefit you and your family.