What if your tenant is not paying rent on time? If this is what you’re going through, I feel your pain. It happens. Today, we’re talking about what you should do to get your rent paid or to remove the tenant from your property.

Check Your Lease Agreement

Ultimately, your lease should include some guidelines on what you should be doing if your tenant does not pay rent on time. This information should be there. If it’s not, your lease is perhaps not as strong as it should be.

Three Day Pay or Quit Notice

With our properties, rent is due on the first of the month, and it’s late on the fifth of the month. If rent isn’t paid on the fifth, we send out a Three Day Pay or Quit notice. This is specific to Texas. In our contract, we can technically do a One Day Pay or Quit notice. But, judges in the valley seem to prefer a three-day notice, so that’s what we serve.  

There are specific ways to post the notice, and it’s important that you follow all state regulations and laws. Once you have posted the notice, if the tenant does not contact you or pay rent, you should reach out to an eviction attorney or a property management company like Keyrenter who can help you with the next step, which is to evict your tenant through the court process.   

Communicate with Your Tenants

If you’re running into this problem, get in touch with your tenant as soon as possible. Maybe they just need a couple of days to come up with the money. But, if they’re nonresponsive, serve your notice and get help so you can move in the right direction quickly.  

We have an eviction attorney on staff, and we’d be happy to help you. If you have a renter not paying rent or you have questions about our process, please contact us at Keyrenter McAllen. We’d be happy to help you get out of this situation.