Many modern rental apartments have patios and gardens. A garden and patio can be a great way to spend time outdoors in a protected and enjoyable space. When it comes to decorating a modern garden, it’s a good idea to think about patio landscaping ideas that can help bring it to life. Any garden, no matter how small, benefits from careful consideration to each area of the space. All areas of the garden and patio space should be decorated in accordance with the renter’s taste and the needs of the entire family. A well decorated outdoor space is one that will help complement the entire rental and provide enjoyable spaces all year round. It’s a good idea to think about how the space will be used. It’s also a good idea to think specifics such as the kind of plants that will flourish in the space during the warmer months and the colder part of the year. Each planting should help the space come alive with and scent that pleases all the senses. Any other details such as a choice of furniture also help make the space both usable and pleasing to the eyes at the same time.

The Size of the Patio

One of the most important considerations when it comes to patio landscaping ideas is the size of the garden and patio. A small patio can serve as an intimate space that helps encourage outdoor conversation in a private space. In that case, it’s a good idea to think about the flow of the patio from the other spaces in the house. If the space lacks privacy, it can be helpful to add a trellis to help frame the space. A large patio and garden can benefit from patio landscaping ideas that take this into account. Larger patios should be divided into specific areas with specific functions. For example, one area might be used for snacks, meals and other outdoor picnics. Another area might be used for the kids complete with a wading pool and a basketball net. Still another area can be used for storage. A storage shed can be helpfully placed in the corner of the patio and garden, enabling the renter to place items like a lawnmower and snow shovels in a safe space that is protected from the elements.

All Year Long

When thinking about patio landscaping ideas, it’s a good idea to remember the seasons. Many renters want to use the patio and garden as much as possible even when it’s colder or very hot. A good design will take this into account. For example, modern plantings can be created that bloom during the summer and help keep parts of the patio shaded from the heat. During the fall and even winter, contemporary plantings can be added that will still add color and withstand the colder weather. Small details are perfect in this space. For example, a vine can be trained to grow over metal columns or wood railings to add movement. Many renters opt for a combination of perennials and annuals. Perennials bloom once and then stop. Annuals bloom once a season and then again at the same time each year. Each type of planting can be used during different seasons. For example, a series of pastel flowers like tulips can help the patio come alive with color during the spring. As the weather gets hotter, it’s a good idea to plant flowers, bushes, and trees that are tolerant of heat and less water. Many plantings can be later removed from the soil if the renter then decides not to renew their rental contract on the property.

Patio Furniture

Furniture is an integral part of any outdoor space. Just as any door space should have the right kind of furniture, so should the patio and garden. A beautiful wooden table with matching chairs makes the ideal space for an outdoor meal with friends and family and allows them to enjoy the modern garden. Benches in a corner help offer a space to rest and see the rest of the patio and garden at the same time. Many patio landscaping ideas help people pick out the right kind of furniture. Many renters look for pieces that work all year long without a problem. For example, furniture made from metal can withstand high heat and cold. Many people find it helpful to use other kinds of items in their patio that can withstand varied temperature changes. Look for cushions that can stand up to rain and dry out quickly. Furniture should also be easy to move inside in the event the weather changes or the renter needs to move somewhere else. Modern design often makes this possible easily. Today’s outdoor fabrics are designed to be lightweight and easy to move as well as durable.

Creating a Coherent Space

An effective and pleasing patio and garden design should, above all, be coherent and full of life. A modern patio space and garden is all about the proper use of the space. Look for ways to use modern ideas well. For example, many new watering methods allow for the use of lush plantings without the need for constant watering. Modern grasses can be planted to give an extra layer of privacy often at little cost. Such grasses can also be placed close to the house or apartment to help reduce heating and cooling costs. Many other kinds of flowers have been improved with modern agricultural developments. Roses have been developed that add color and bloom longer. Contemporary plantings can be incorporated with modern fabric and furniture ideas that help make the entire space feel inviting. Renters can also take advantage of faster-growing plants and flowers to help fill up all corners of the outdoor space quickly. This allows them to get the look they want often at little cost. It also helps any renter create an outdoor space in their home that is entirely and fully their own.