How Best to Handle Them

When the Fair Housing Act was amended in 1988, one of the changes involved the requirement of landlords to make reasonable accommodations requests from tenants. The act allows individuals with disabilities the right to have and enjoy housing on equal terms as everyone else. Some of the reasonable accommodation requests include:

  • Service animals
  • Transfer to a different unit
  • Caregiver assistance
  • Rental costs

Service Animals

Some landlords do not want animals on or in the property. While the no pet policy is standard for most places, someone submitting a reasonable request is different. Tenants who do require a service animal or emotional support animal are entitled to have them according to the Fair Housing Act.

Transfer to a Different Unit

A tenant with disabilities can submit a request to transfer to a different unit of the same value for medical necessity. Common examples include a tenant that needs a first-floor apartment and is currently on the fourth-floor. Ground level apartments limit the need to climb stairs to get to their home.


Certain tenants will need 24-hour care, which often requires a caregiver to move in. Housing providers normally do not require caregivers to be added to a lease.

Rental Costs

A tenant can submit a reasonable accommodation request if they are currently receiving social security or disability as their primary income. As the payment dates and rental payment dates normally do not correlate, many individuals ask for a due date chance to better accommodate the deposit of funds.

Requesting Reasonable Accommodation in Housing

Who can submit a reasonable request accommodation? The individual must be disabled or considered disabled due to impairments, and have record of the impairment. As this area can become confusing for many landlords, it is wise to consider hiring a property management company to provide assistance in this matter.

How to Request Reasonable Accommodation

The request for reasonable accommodation needs to be submitted in writing for the safety and protection of both parties. Depending upon the company policy, tenants may need to fill out a specific form.

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