As a property owner, it is your responsibility to both review and discipline your patrons fairly. The line between disciplinary action and all-out eviction can be blurry, however, so here are some basic guidelines for when it is most appropriate to evict a tenant: 3 bona fide reasons to evict your tenants.

Refusal to Pay Rent

As far as eviction causes go, this one is pretty straightforward. If your tenant doesn’t pay you on time and their grace period expires, you have legal consent to begin the eviction process. Of course, you should take their history with payments into account when you make this decision—a one-time offense is rarely enough to warrant a full-blown eviction.

You may also experience refusal to pay or leave after the lease expires—similarly, this is an eviction-worthy offense. The law will always side with you in a matter of squatting or general refusal to honor the lease’s predetermined rates.

General Lease Violation

If your tenant sublets, owns unauthorized pets or otherwise majorly violates the lease, they qualify for eviction if they do not remedy the situation. Minor infractions such as repetitive noise complaints, smoking, or refusal to attend to aesthetics (e.g., sweep the patio) can also count toward eviction if have given the tenant repeated warnings.

Subletting and pet ownership, in particular, can cause you unspeakable amounts of repair and liability costs, so if you have empirical evidence of either of these behaviors, eviction is a completely viable choice.

Illegal Activity

Anything from underage drinking to recreational drug use provides grounds for eviction. Illicit marijuana growing and distribution is becoming increasingly common; such behavior can lead to violence as well, which clearly violates your lease agreement and puts your other tenants at risk. Like refusal to pay, eviction for illegal activity is straightforward and fully supported by the law.

Landlords command a lot of responsibility, so knowing how to use it appropriately is important. For information regarding this and any property management questions you may have, call Keyrenter McAllen today!