Like many states, Texas has a set landlord tenant law that both parties involved must adhere to during the lease term. As a rental property owner, you are to follow certain landlord responsibilities. It is imperative to be familiar with both the state and federal laws when you lease out your rental unit.

If you are overwhelmed by learning the ins and outs of Texas state law regarding landlords and tenants, you’re not alone! That’s why we have provided our comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about Texas landlord tenant laws. Keep reading to find out more!

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities in Texas

Tenants have a list of rights and responsibilities that are stated by the landlord tenant law. The following are the rights of a Texas tenant throughout a lease term:

  • The right to live in a habitable home that abides by Texas property code.
  • The right to take at least one action if the landlord fails to uphold their responsibilities.

There are also many responsibilities that come along with being a tenant that is put in place to protect landlords and their property. They are as follows:

  • Pay rent to the landlord on time as stated in the lease agreement.
  • Maintain the rental property in a clean and habitable way.
  • Use all fixtures for their intended purpose and keep them sanitary.
  • Make minor repairs when necessary.
  • Inform the landlord of any issues on the property as soon as they are noticed.
  • Refrain from disturbing other tenants and neighbors.


Landlord Rights and Responsibilities in Texas

Just like a tenant, a landlord has a list of legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to their rental properties. If a landlord fails to adhere to the landlord tenant laws, there can be serious repercussions. In Texas, every landlord has the right to:

  • Collect rent from their tenants on a regular basis, as stated in the lease or rental agreement.
  • Charge whatever rent price they want, as there is no rent control in Texas.
  • Deduct funds from a security deposit to cover the cost of repairs for any damages to the property that are beyond normal wear and tear.

But what are the responsibilities of a landlord? A landlord must do the following things for their tenants:

  • Maintain a habitable home according to Texas property code.
  • Respond to maintenance requests within 7 days. (3 days for necessary repairs, such as lack of water, air conditioning, or heat).
  • Keep the tenant security deposit safe and stored properly.

An Overview of Texas Landlord Tenant Laws

Now that you’re familiar with you and your tenant’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to your rental home, let’s look at an overview of these laws. They are as follows:

Tenant Privacy and the Landlord’s Right to Enter the Property

Entry laws are are included in landlord tenant laws, which requires the landlord to notify their tenants prior to entering the rental home during the lease term. Unlike many states, however, Texas law does not specify how much notice is required. Standard practice is 24 hours’ notice. 


As a Texas landlord, it is a good idea to add a notice time that you and your tenant agree on in the lease agreement. If there is an emergency on the rental, then the landlord does not need to provide notice in order to enter the dwelling. 

The Maintenance, Condition, and Repairs of the Rental Home

As a landlord, you now know that it is ultimately your responsibility to provide a habitable living environment for your tenants. But what exactly does that legally include?

State law does not list specific amenities that property owners must provide for their tenants to maintain habitable living spaces. The exception to this, however, is smoke alarms and running water, which must be readily accessible to the tenants at all times. 

Landlord Tenant Housing Discrimination Laws

According to the Fair Housing Act, discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, familial status, sex, or disability is strictly prohibited. 

Landlord Tenant Security Deposit Laws in Texas

Under Texas state law, there is no legal limit to how much a tenant pays for security deposits. Landlords may use security deposits for unpaid rent or the cost of repairs for damages to the property caused by the tenant. 


Required Disclosures from Landlords

According to Texas law, there are certain disclosures that every landlord must make prior to their tenant signing the lease and charging any rent. These disclosures are generally presented in writing, and often included in the rental agreement. 

These are the disclosures required of landlords in the state:

  • Lead-Based Paint: If the property was built prior to 1978, then the landlord must provide a disclosure including any possible concentrations of lead-based paint. 
  • Authorized Agents: Landlords must provide their tenant with the names and addresses of anyone who is involved in managing the rental home. 
  • The Right to Repair and Deduct: In Texas, landlords must provide their tenant with documents that clearly state their right to make repairs to the property and deduct the cost from their future rent payments. 
  • Parking conditions: Landlords must disclose any parking rules or restrictions if the rental is a multi-family complex.
  • Late Fees: Any late fees that may be charged to the tenant must be included in the lease agreement.
  • Emergency phone number: Landlords must provide tenants in Texas with a 24-hour emergency phone number to report urgent issues within the building.

Small Claims Lawsuits

At times, there are disputes between landlords and tenants, especially when it comes to a tenant that is not paying rent on time or if they withhold rent unfairly. This can lead to an eviction, which will end up requiring the judgment of the small claims courts. In Texas, the small claims court will hear rent-related cases up to $10,000. 

Bottom Line

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