Vacancies ultimately result in financial issues. Not only do they result in the loss of a monthly rent payment, but they still require you to pay all of the relevant expenses with owning property. Taking the steps to reduce vacancies or fill them quickly can go a long way toward ensuring that your rental property remains profitable over time. 

Know the Market Rent

It is important to ensure that the rent that you charge is in line with the market in your area. If you charge too much for rent, you will likely have tenants leave for less expensive properties. However, if you don’t charge enough for rent, tenants will likely be wary about the quality of your rental property. Do your research and ensure that your rent prices are comparable with the surrounding area. 

Screen Tenants

The best tenants will likely stay on the property for longer, which will reduce vacancies from arising. In addition, these tenants won’t result in the necessity of a lengthy eviction process. When you implement effective tenant screening, you can help to obtain high-quality tenants for your rental property. 

Be Proactive

Being proactive can go a long way toward reducing vacancies in your rental properties. Ask your tenants if they intend to renew the lease 90 days before the lease expires. This will help to get them thinking about whether they will renew their lease. In addition, this gives you adequate time to plan and begin marketing to minimize the amount of time that the rental property remains vacant. 

Advertise Online

The internet is increasingly popular for various uses. This is especially true when it comes to your rental property advertising. The vast majority of potential tenants take to the internet when they search for a rental property. Advertising online goes a long way toward ensuring that tenants are aware of your property. Reducing vacancies can substantially help to maximize your profits and protect your investment. To learn more about how to reduce the likelihood of vacancies in your rental property, contact us at the Keyrenter in McAllen today!